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Covercoat for decals is produced by Ceramvetro since 1949.

Main charateristics

  • Perfect result with every kind of decal, both for ceramic and glass

  • Great compatibility with every kind of colors

  • Can be printed by automatic, and semi automatic machine and manual too

  • Long durability on the paper

  • Light smell

  • Silicon free



Collodio is printed by serigraphy process (from 21 to 27 meshes per square meter).

Drying time is 6 to 8 hours at room temperature or in 40 minutes with vertical driers.



20kg, 25kg, 200kg drums



Medium K Series

An essential element to mix ceramic colors, our medium is studied to give best results to any color.

Main charateristics

  • Perfect result with any kind of color (with or without lead, high or low temperature, for ceramic or for glass)

  • High mixability

  • Suitable both for hand and machine use

  • Light smell



Our medium is usually mixed in a proportion of 25% to 40% with the color



5kg, 10kg, 25kg




Decalstick 804

Decalstick is used in the decoration of ceramic and earthenwere, allowing the application of the transfer decal directly on the wet glaze.

The covercoat of the decal is dissolved, therefore one firing is eliminated because the glaze and the transfer decal are fired together.

After firing the colours of the decal remain under the glaze.



Decalstick must be applied (by brush or sprayed) a few seconds after the piece of biscuit has been dipped into the liquid glaze. Then the decal is slipped off the paper onto the Decalstick. The piece must be left to dry at room temperature for a least 7 hours, or until  the surface of the decal is no longer shiny. After that is possible to fire the object in the kiln.

For best results we recommend using decals made with our covercoat 440F.





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