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About Us

It was 1949 when the first batch of covercoat was produced by the newborn Ceramvetro company  in Sesto Fiorentino, the heart of Italy’s ceramic and porcelain manufaturing. This was the  same town where the oldest Italian porcelain factory, Richard Ginori was born.

After the  war,  Amelio Trefoloni , our founder,  invested all his possessions and energy for the  dream of a better future for him and his family.

A dream come true, because after three generations  Ceramvetro is a modern company, able to compete with large multinational companies in markets around the world.

Thanks to the experience of a family dedicated to work and to sacrifice, together with the historical   experience  of  Italian craftsmen,  products are innovated day after day for a constantly evolving world market.

Since the late eighties Ceramvetro it is equipped with a modern laboratory. Here  production  of gold (liquid and paste) has begun, using a technology that only a very limited number of companies in the world are able to support. With this innovation, Ceramvetro decided to assume the final name of Ceramvetro Gold.

Over the years Ceramvetro Gold has developed  strong  partnerships and collaboration with customers based on high quality service and products. 

A flexible structure and continuous strong commitment to  the business  allows Ceramvetro Gold  to be able to develop  made-to-measure products.  Customers  become partners of  projects based on their specific   objectives and individual needs. 

Ceramvetro Gold is now present in five continents, the sign of a vocation to the internationalisation process that makes it one of the most active Tuscan companies  abroad.

It is thanks to a mix of tradition, innovation, and customer care that has ensured success over the  years, and is ready to guide the new trends of the market.

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